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20 Small Business Ideas for 2020

20 Small Business Ideas for 2020
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Are you looking to start small business ideas from home? The truth is that you have many options to choose from when it comes to that. For example, you can decide to have a full-scale successful home business. You can also decide to work on a 9-5 job and run your small business ideas at the end of your working hours.

Whichever way you look at it, many people are still looking for answers to the question “What business can I start as an entrepreneur?” The aim of this article is to make it easier for you to discover creative small business ideas that you can do with or without having a regular job.

What Are Small Business Ideas?

Small business ideas are insights into the types of businesses you can start with little or no capital. They are important because many budding entrepreneurs are working on a budget. So, they need to minimize costs while looking for the best business ideas to make money.

On the other hand, there is a misconception that some Small business ideas have all been taken. Instead, there are still many of them. You only need to be adept at making researches to figure them out.

Besides, many successful home businesses were started by employees or staff of a company who felt they could do better if they had their own businesses that make money right away. They then built and leveraged the relevant skills before taking the bold step to start their own business.

Starting Out With A Small Business Idea

Is this you? Do you want to be among the latest entrepreneurs? Do you want to know not just the top 10 small business ideas from home, but you also want to find out the other small business ideas you can try?

The small business ideas list and explanations below will help you find the right footing!

What Are the Most Successful Small Business Ideas?

Are you looking for the businesses you can start without breaking a bank and start making money right away? The 20 small business ideas below could be what you need to get started.

1.      Consider Blogging As a Successful Home Business

Blogging is the goldmine of the 21st-century Internet-based business. It is not surprising that many people from all over the world have taken to it because of the impressive profits that it makes.

As a rule of thumb, we advise that you get a headstart on time to avoid making mistakes. Instead of the conventional merry-go-round of potential bloggers, you want to focus on one niche. As a general idea, start blogging on those topics that you are versed at.

When you start focusing on the areas you have the expertise, it will be easier for you to establish your authority in that field before considering moving on to other fields.

2.      Child Care Service Is a Creative Small Business Idea

In a world where many parents are working-class and tend to spend more time out of their homes, it can be a perfect opportunity for you to launch your small business ideas. The idea is to look after the kids of other people for a fee.

Who Is It For?

  • Running a child care service is ideal for people that are passionate about kids
  • It is the perfect small business idea from home for someone that is looking to have more time to do other things

What Options Do I Have?

When it comes to running a childcare service as a small business idea, you have many options to select from. Interestingly, the one you settle for determines how your schedule will be.

  • You can offer babysitting/childcare service by going to the family home of such a child
  • You can also start it by advising the child’s parents or guardians to bring the child over to your place

3.      Public Speaking

While some people are versed in writing, others are better off in expressing their thoughts using spoken words. If you fall into this category of persons, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carve out a small business idea from it.

While delving into public speaking, you need to be strategic about it. Do not be like the conventional motivational speaker that increases the listeners/audiences’ hopes for a moment and that’ll be where it ends.

Instead, be more of a public speaker that focuses on realities. Rather than encourage your audience “to wait for the perfect time”, direct them to take the right steps to get things worked.

People need to be realistic about things and not to be motivated and keep going round in circles.

4.      Add Freelance Writing to Your Small Business Ideas List

Writing has taken many forms in recent times. From the conventional pen and paper format to the online variant facilitated by using Personal Computers (PCs), you can see that the writing industry has taken a new dimension.

In the same regard, you can leverage freelance writing as one of the ways to start a small business without money. As a freelance writer, you get to work at your own pace. You also get to control how much you earn.

If you are looking to start a freelance writing business and you need some insights, you can check out Chukwukadibia Writes where you are sure of getting valuable content.

5.      Virtual Assistant

Many business owners are looking for people to help them carry out the vision of their companies. It is true that they may look at hiring employees to work at the office. Yet, that doesn’t cut off the point that Virtual Assistants (VAs) are also needed.

For example, now that the world is saddled with the cases of Corona Virus, it would be a perfect business concept for companies to invest in hiring the services of Virtual Assistants.

That way, it will be easier for such companies and businesses to keep in touch with their client-base without necessarily needing to make physical contacts.

Just so that you’ll know, a Virtual Assistant can work in many capacities. The job description cuts across handling the social media pages to attending to calls and emails.

6.      Proofreading

Do you have skills in proofreading? Can you spot errors in write-ups and make the needed corrections? Then, accept our congratulations! You just got yourself a job.

Proofreading is one of the most successful small business ideas. What’s more? You can start it from the comfort of your home and with little money too.

Who Is It For?

You want to know if you are a good fit to start a proofreading business. So, who is the business for?

  • It is suitable for people that are looking to start a small business idea from home
  • Proofreading is ideal if you are looking for another business to augment your income

What Do I Need to Start a Proofreading Business?

  • You only need your Personal Computer (PC) to access the Microsoft Word file or any other file format the work is formatted to
  • You may consider installing Word Processing apps (such as Google Docs and WPS Office) on your smartphone if you don’t have a PC

Who Are Your Potential Clients?

Proofreading may not be the everyday kind of job but it is rewarding. Who are the persons that will be patronizing you?

  • Businesses that want to be sure their documents are well-formatted and free of errors
  • Authors that want to get plagiarism-free and error-free books

7.      Social Media Strategist/Consultant Is a Small Business Idea

Companies are looking for social media managers to help them handle their online presence. That way, they can attend to customers’ queries while looking for ways to win more customers into their fold.

You can take this on as a small business idea from home. Just be certain that you are knowledgeable about social media and you can be able to handle the workload that comes with the job.

8.      Graphics Design

People, especially potential buyers are more attracted to what they see. That is why companies invest heavily in getting a good graphics designer that can provide the right visual imagery they need to stand out from the crowd.

Do you have jaw-dropping graphic design skills? Are you adept at the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign?

You can try your hands on graphics design at a freelance level for a startup and work your way u to brand recognition.

9.      Resume Writing Services

There are many job seekers out there that may have the skills for the job but their resume doesn’t speak well of them. So, their chances of getting employed are 2/10.

There is a huge market out there for a professional resume writer. If you are one that can fill that loophole, then consider adding it to your small business ideas list.

Resume writing involves restructuring the resume or cover letters of job applicants to increase their chances of being called for an interview and subsequently hired.

10. You Can Start Digital Product Small Business Idea from Home

It is no news that the Internet opened up many opportunities for people. You can shut out the ideas of engaging in a traditional 9-5 job. Instead, you can create your own products and sell them.

One of the products you can create is a Digital Product. It is called Digital Product because it doesn’t have a physical form. That notwithstanding, it gives value via the valuable content in it.

The beautiful thing there is that you can be able to source ideas for your digital product on the Internet.

Either you do it yourself or you hire the services of a professional content creator to help you with it.

11. Tour Guide

Do you know the nooks and crannies of your city or place of residence? You can become a tour guide, you know.

You can get started by registering with amusement parks, museums, and other fun-seeking places. Then go to hotels and get familiar with people who just checked in and are looking for places to visit.

What an easy way to make money!

12. House Cleaner

We have to admit that some homeowners would rather look after their shoes and clothes than to take a good look around their homes. If it happens to be that the homeowners are career-minded, they may have limited time to dust up their furniture, sweep the rooms, and keep the house clean.

You can start looking around your neighbourhood for such persons and when you see them, pitch your proposals.

You can be sure that if you are good at what you do, more referrals will come your way. And you know what that means – more money!

13. You Can Run Personal Training As a Successful Home Business

If you are good at sports and personal fitness, you can try your hands on personal training. As one of the creative small business ideas you can try, personal training helps you to have one-on-one engagement with fitness lovers.

Strategies to Build Your Personal Fitness Brand

When you’ve finally committed to the personal fitness small business idea, you will start looking for how to build your brand.

You can do that in many ways, including:

  • Create personalized nutrition to keep people in good shape
  • Offer in-home personal fitness consultations
  • Make an offer to host community boot camps
  • Providing exercise regimens
  • Creating yummy snack ideas
  • Populate your social media networks (Instagram preferably) with helpful fitness quotes and inspirational speeches
  • Publish self-made free personal fitness exercise videos to get people to trust you

14. Affiliate Marketing Is a Best Business Idea to Make Money

As an affiliate marketer, you neither own a product nor intend to own one. All your concern is to be the intermediary between the owner of the product and the buyers.

In this instance, you will help the seller to market the product for an agreed commission (say 20% of the cost of the product).

15. Event Planner

Event planning pays greatly if you know your onions. In this case, you are taking on the task of organizing and seeing the success of other people’s events, such as weddings.

16. Social Media Influencer

Do you have a say on Social Media? Do people listen to you? Do you have “disciples” that will do as you say?

Then, you are a Social Media Influencer and you can use that as a small business idea you can start from home.

The role of the Social Media Influencer is to advertise brands and products to the followers who are most likely to buy them based on the influencer’s recommendations.

17. Translator

Translating languages is not only a profitable skill but also a business that makes money right away.

You can always pitch your translation skills to country embassies to help them communicate with the locals. You may also want to work with multi-national and foreign companies to bridge the gap between them and their customers.

18. Home Tutoring

Teaching is a skill and if you are good at some subjects or courses, you can always organize home and private lessons to teach students for a fee.

19. Web Designer

We are two small business ideas down to the last. Web design happens to be one of the most successful small business ideas anyone can think of

Come to think of it, there are thousands of websites and blogs on the Internet today. More will still be developed and launched in the coming months. So, you can see that the market is quite huge.

Why don’t you learn how to develop websites today, become a webmaster, and start designing websites for people?

20. SEO Expert

I saved the best for the last. You can regard SEO mastery as one of the skills that can make you money.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today governs everything on the Internet. It has to do with the use of the relevant keywords and other advanced writing tools to be sure of ranking higher on Search Engine results.

As an SEO Expert, you will be helping businesses, companies, individuals, and brands to not only rank higher on Search Engines but to also get more customers.

Because many business owners may not have all the time in the world and the patience to carry out SEO on their own, you can master the skills and come in to do it for them.

Your Duties as an SEO Expert:

Below are some of the things that will be expected of you if you are to take on the job of an SEO Expert:

  • Leveraging Google Analytics (and any other analytics tools) to your clients’ advantage
  • Researching high-traffic keywords that can drive more traffic to your clients
  • Analyzing and making edits of the content/articles on your clients’ website/blog

Start Your Small Business Idea and Scale It To Success

While you are looking at starting bigger, you can always take some time to start small. That is the essence of this article – to provide you with the creative small business ideas you can start now.

So, which of the small business ideas do you think will be the best business ideas to make money?

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article to help your friends start their own small businesses!

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