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5 Tested and Trusted Business Ideas for 2020

You need these tested and trusted business ideas to flourish in your new business.
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The year 2020 has begun and as it enters the end of the first quarter, it is time you consider the tested and trusted business ideas you can start now and make money.

The need for the business ideas we will look at is not unconnected to the fact that people are looking to see how possible it will be for them to explore already existing and moving business concepts. Besides, with the abundance of Internet business opportunities, the stage is already set for you to start any kind of business you may have in mind.

What Tested and Trusted Business Ideas Can I Start in 2020?

From the online business ideas 2020 to the most scalable business opportunities, the fact remains that you have many options before you when it comes to doing business in 2020.

Now, we have made in-depth researches to see what works and what doesn’t work. We are happy to announce that we have successfully come up with 5 tested and trusted business ideas for 2020.

If you will have some time to read them and start working on them, these business ideas could be what you will need to be rich in 2020 and beyond.

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1.      Dropshipping Is A Tested and Trusted Business Idea

Dropshipping is a kind of business model that doesn’t demand you to have a physical or digital product. Since you don’t have a product, all you need to do is to look for someone that does and help the owner of the product to sell his or hers.

Ideally, your role as the dropshipper will be to serve as the intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Hence, you will be taking the orders for products from the buyer and taking them to the seller to fulfill.

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Once the transactions have been completed and both parties (the seller and the buyer) are satisfied with it, you can then demand your percentage of the deal from the seller. You must have agreed on this with the seller before proceeding to initiate a deal between the seller and the buyer.

2.      Digital Marketing

The concept of digital marketing makes it one of the online business ideas without investment that you can start in 2020.

It is a different kind of marketing, which involves the use of the Internet and other Internet-based platforms to run targeted adverts to make sales.

As a digital marketer, you can be selling your own products (physical or digital). You can also help other people to set up a digital marketing campaign and get paid for helping them out with that.

3.      Become A Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best small tested and trusted business ideas for 2020. It does not only give you time to attend to other things. You will also be able to determine how much you make by working harder or slower. Freelancing also makes it ideal for you to gain considerable knowledge of other fields, because you will be working at different industries at the same time.

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For example, you can be a freelance writer (if you need help here, contact Chukwukadibia Abah). Other freelancing opportunities you can explore are:

  • Freelance web design
  • Work as a freelance graphics designer
  • Consider freelance or Virtual Assistance

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4.      Monetizing Your YouTube Channel Is A Tested and Trusted Business Idea

YouTube, which is the world’s largest streaming platform, has a monetization package that pays you for making videos and publishing it on the platform for people to view.

In this instance, you will be paid depending on the number of views and the number of watch hours your videos generated over a specific period of time.

5.      Real Estate Sales

No matter the global economic challenges, real estate is one business that will never crash like a pack of cards. Instead, like a colossus, it will continue to grow as the days go by.

Therefore, consider venturing into the sales and leasing of real estate (landed properties and commercial apartments) and make money from doing so.

Start Your Business in 2020

In as much as there are some timeframes that will be beneficial to the success of a business, you don’t need to wait longer.

The year 2020 looks good already and you can take advantage of the tested and trusted business ideas to start your business in 2020 and scale it in the future.

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