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From Customers to Friends: 5 Tips on How to Create Personal Interactions in Business

5 Tips on How to Create Personal Interactions in Business
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Creating personal interactions is important for the survival of any business. Business owners around the world are looking for ways to create personal interactions in business because that is one of the ways to keep selling to them. Going by the fact that customers are always right, you cannot afford to play second fiddle by allowing them to slip off your fingers.

How Can I Create Personal Interactions in My Business?

You want to know what it takes to create interactions between your brand and the customers. Getting your customers to be closer to you can be a herculean task but if you know your way around it, you will enjoy the rewards.

We are going to share with you, the five most important tips that have helped many entrepreneurs to move their customers from their client-kind of relationship to a friendlier format.

So, if you are looking for a way to create personal interactions in business and get your customers to become friends, these tips below will guide you.

Tip #1: Provide Value to Create Personal Interactions

Never allow your brand/business to become a parasite that sucks your customers at all times. Why should they continue to buy from you when all you do is to keep selling to them and telling them you are waiting for their next patronage?

The first step to creating personal interactions in business is to provide value. It can come in different forms, such as creating helpful content to aid them in overcoming a problem or words of encouragement. When you start doing this, your customers will realize that you care about them and will only be too glad to keep buying from you.

Tip #2: Create Personal Interactions by Engaging Your Customers

Nowadays, many business owners are looking for viable ways to be in touch with their customers. From the use of social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter and down to emails, there is no end to the channels you can use to create personal interactions.

Ideally, you want to use social media to engage your customers, and for good reasons too. The platform provides you with real-time access to respond to customers’ queries and makes it easier to communicate social proof to attract more customers.

Tip #3: Respond to Every Concern

While Tip #2 advises you to engage customers by finding out their complaints and suggestions, Tip #3 here suggests responding to every concern. Are the customers dissatisfied with the services you rendered? Do they feel cheated? Maybe they had a terrible experience with your customer service department and only thought that bringing it up on social media will accelerate attention to their complaints.

Be that as it may, it is advised that you create personal interactions by attending to every concern raised by your customers. Monitor online mentions of your brand and look for ways to solve the issues.

If you fail to address the issues raised (and in real-time too), it is possible that you will lose such customers in addition to scaring off potential customers that may have been thinking of patronizing you.

By responding to the customers’ concerns, you are showing that you hold them, dear.

Tip #4: Understand Customers’ Relationship with Your Brand

A defined relationship makes it easier for communication to go on. It is imperative that you understand the kind of relationship customers have with your brand. If it is not personal, strategize and make it so.

Tip #5: Ask for Reviews

Don’t thrive on assumptions! In some cases, you need to ask customers to tell you how they feel about a particular service you rendered or a product you sold to them. If the reviews are more negative than positive, it is important that you capture and act on the problematic areas to address them.

Make Customers Your Friends

A friendly business setting thrives more than another that is not. Therefore, start using the tips we just offered to create personal interactions in business and to convert customers to friends.

Would you like to suggest a tip on how customers can be made friends in business? Do let us know your thoughts via the comment section.

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