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10 Business Books That Can Make You Rich In 2020

The books outlined and discussed here will help you make important decisions and take steps to make more money this year and beyond.
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We believe you have been looking for business books that can make you rich. You believe that by reading those books, you will able to tap into the knowledge of the billionaires and learn how you too can become a millionaire.

As fascinating as the idea may be, you may have probably taken a seat and wondered about the possibilities of becoming rich by reading business books. More interesting is the fact that you be wondering about which books should I read for business?

The Impacts of Reading Entrepreneurship Best Business Books

People tend to view entrepreneurship in different ways but one fact they seem to agree on is that becoming an entrepreneur is a herculean task. That is why you need to leverage the management best business books so you can understand the things you need to do to be successful in business.

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That said, you also need to understand that reading the books, and applying other strategies of business will be the perfect combo to help you attain (and even surpass) the milestones you may have set for your business.

What Will I Learn from the Best Business Books?

Aside from tapping into the secrets and methods used by many popular world billionaires, you will also be able to learn other financial tips that will help make the year 2020 prosperous as far as your business is concerned.

In addition, you will also garner a wealth of knowledge on how to invest, tackle your debts, and build your wealth within a short time.

Business Books That Can Make You Rich

If you are ready to take control of your personal finances, grow your wealth, and put your overall financial life in order, you need to read the books covered below.

The beauty of it all is that we went deeper into researches to get you the best collections. From the classic “Think and Grow Rich” to the much-talked-about “How Rich People Think”, you are sure that we’ve got you covered on the best business books 2020.

1.      Think and Grow Rich

If there are any best business books for beginners that must be on the list, it must be the Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.

At a glance, the title already passes the message – you need to make modifications to your thoughts for you to be able to open up your mind for getting wealth.

Aside from that, the book also teaches important lessons. First, there is the lesson of planning by setting up your strategies and aims that will help you get rich.

The second lesson states that you must understand that how much you make is the power of your thoughts. Hence, you need to make up your mind on how much you will earn and start taking decisive actions to achieve that.

The third and most significant is the fact that the book, Think and Grow Rich wants you to start exploring the opportunities of becoming wealthy.

Above all, the author, Napoleon Hill was the former adviser to Former U.S President, Franklin Roosevelt. He was able to put together this book after interviewing and having first-hand information of over 500 self-made millionaires who revealed some of the strategies that helped them find the keys to fortune.

2.      The Richest Man In Babylon

Authored by George S. Clason, The Richest Man In Babylon may pass as a fairytale for some people. Some other people will take the business lessons therein and starting utilizing the same to grow their income.

Whichever way you look at it (fact or fiction), the fact is the Richest Man In Babylon could be the best business book of all time Forbes that you need to master how to use money.

Aside from the investment strategies therein, you will also learn how you can find ways of adding value and making more money.

3.      The Millionaire Fast Lane

A lot of people may not subscribe to the “fast lifestyle” that helps them live large today and become broke tomorrow. Yet, there are other sets of people that will be willing to take that path if it is ascertained that the outcome will be profitable.

That is what The Millionaire Fast Lane by M.J. DeMarco teaches you. In this book, you will get to learn why you must abandon the conventional Slow Lane and start taking the Fast Lane to wealth.

In addition, the book helps you to plan and this is expertly done by pointing out the potential loopholes that can cause you to lose more in business than you gain.

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4.      The Little Book of Common Sense

The theorists of “Common Sense is not common” will now be relishing how those that ignored their warnings will now be counting their losses.

Indeed, common sense isn’t common as many may have been led to believe. When it comes to business, some business owners tend to make mistakes that will cost them money, customers, and such might signal the downfall of their businesses.

The Book of Common Sense authored by John C. Bogle helps you to understand the basic things you need to have in place (and be doing) so that you don’t get to make risky investments.

With the primary focus being on investments, the content of the book, among many other things, advises you to invest in safe and low-cost index funds because they are diversified and cost-efficient.

5.      The Millionaire Next Door

We are all millionaires in our own rights. It is just that many of us tend to spend more than we earn. Maybe they do that to impress others. Probably their expenses are on the high side. Whatever be the case, the fact is that you can always make adaptations after reading the content of the entrepreneurship best business books.

The Millionaire Next Door authored by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko in 1996 opens your eyes to see the frugality of your expenses and how you can keep them in check.

The book among many other things teaches you to implement some of the tested and trusted seven (7) keys to wealth that have been used by many American millionaires.

Above all, it offers valuable insights on how to reduce frugality. Some of the steps to achieving that are avoiding impulse buying, spending less than you earn, and diversifying your investments.

6.      The Science of Getting Rich

Do you know that getting wealthy is a matter of the mind? Do you also know that before you can become rich in the right sense of the word, you must be able to equip your thoughts to attract wealth?

Those and the veritable intellectual frameworks of building personal riches courtesy of being a positive thinker are some of the things you will learn from this book.

7.      How Rich People Think

The thought patterns of wealthy people are often different and more advanced than those of the poor folks. What could be the difference? It is the fact that rich people have been able to come that far because they decided to open up their minds to new and positive thoughts.

If you have been looking for the best business books that can make you rich in 2020, How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold provides insights into the thought patterns of rich people.

Having spent the time interviewing over 1,000 millionaires and billionaires in a space of thirty (30) years, the author of this book believes you will now be able to have instant access into how rich people think. You will also be able to follow a similar or more advanced pattern to become ambitious and make the most out of every business venture you embarked on.

8.      The Geometry of Wealth

It is time we looked at wealth from a different perspective. That is what Brian Portnoy, the author of The Geometry of Wealth achieved with his book.

After reading, you will be able to have a re-orientation of wealth, and you will start taking control of your wealth. More so, it is now easier for you to use the secret success stories shared there to make impressions as you work your way to becoming rich.

9.      The Automatic Millionaire

Can you really become rich without having to work for it? Some people are of the view that working hard equals making more money.

But in a world where you can work smartly, you may not need to stress yourself to become a millionaire.

That is by the side. Has it occurred to you that you can get rich without having to budget how much you will save or invest? That is what David Bach, the author of The Automatic Millionaire teaches in this book.

Among the many areas he touched, David pointed out that you can actually become a millionaire by having a solid plan that will guide you from start to finish. He opines that it is better than saving money and investing alone.

As a way of getting you started immediately, the book contains helpful materials, such as the websites and important telephone numbers you will need to create connections and get started on the pathway to wealth.

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10. The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor

The millionaires and billionaires we hear about on the Forbes List didn’t just come up to that level by hard work alone. Instead, a good number of them have a large portfolio of investments, which makes them money even without working for it.

That is what is called “Smart Work”. You too can become a smart worker and increase your income by having a portfolio of investments.

Ideally, the book, The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor by Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis will help you understand the basics and advanced variants of investments.

The overall summation is that the book is the best business book you will need to make accurate investment decisions.

Business Books Can Make You Rich

Readers are leaders and leaders are readers is an assertion that remains true until this day. By reading business books for beginners (as well as those for advanced businessmen), you will gain clarity into the things that must be done and those that must be avoided.

We hope you got valuable insights into some of the business lessons and strategies you can learn and implement after reading our collection of business books that can make you rich in 2020.

Do you have any business book to suggest or you have some questions and feedback to drop? Kindly make use of the comment section to do that just as you hit your favourite social network button to share the information with others.

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