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20 Business Ideas You Can Start for Cheap Or Free

Here are business ideas you can start for cheap or free
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Are you looking for the best business to start with little money? The fact is that there are hundreds of business ideas today but many of them require a huge amount of capital before you can successfully start them.

Probably, you have looked at the list of top business ideas or any of such businesses and you figured out that you don’t have the capital to start them.

That shouldn’t get you worried. We do understand what it means to have a profitable business idea but circumstances had a way of making you dump those ideas. That is why we went the extra mile to find out the business ideas you can start for cheap or free.

How To Start A Business With No Capital

It is agreed that you don’t have enough capital to start the business you have in mind. So, you are looking for the best business ideas to make money without robbing a bank to start any of them.

While you may not have the funds to start a business at the onset, you, however, need to be strategic on how you go about looking for how to start the business.

Below are some of the things you need to have in place before you can start a business idea for cheap or free.

  • Decide on the business idea
  • Look for what it takes to start it
  • Decide on how you intend to run it – online or offline
  • Draft a business plan
  • Advertise the business
  • Make your first sales
  • Ask your first customers to leave a review of their experience using the products they bought
  • Use the testimonials as Social Proof to get more customers

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The 20 Business Ideas You Can Start for Cheap or Free

Having said that, let’s now look at the 30 business ideas you can start for cheap or free. We’ll break them down into segments.

The first will be in the best business to start with little money. Here, the focus will be on those businesses you can start without having to spend much.

The second will be on how to start a business with no capital. In this instance, we’ll be looking at the businesses you can start without any funds.

Best Businesses To Start With Little Money

Here are the business ideas you can start for cheap, and with little money too.

Start A Business and Keep Your Day Job by Developing Websites

With the current statistics having it that Internet users are over 4 billion and websites are currently in their millions, it is an indication that the market is huge. You can actually delve into the market and start creating a medium for you to earn some percentages from the huge market.

Ideally, your focus should be on how to develop websites. By doing that, you will be able to help businesses, corporate bodies, companies, and private individuals to set up an online presence – a website for their services.

Flipping Websites

Developing websites is one of the best business ideas to make money but that doesn’t mean it is the only one out there. Interestingly, you may decide not to develop websites for companies and individuals.

Instead, you will develop websites for yourself and keep them under your control. The idea is to develop such websites and after a few years, you will sell them off.

Known as Website Flipping, the concept helps you to earn up to 200% of the total value of the websites. That is, of course, if you know how to get the best pricing for the websites.

Event and Project Planning

There are a whole lot of opportunities that come with becoming an event planner. In this case, you are looking at how you can be able to help other people host events that will be the talk of the town. The primary role of an event planner is to ensure that the event place or location is ready and that the event takes off smoothly and ends as expected.’

Of course, you may need to set aside some funds to start this business, especially if your client demands that you begin the planning while the funds are made available to you in the course of doing so.

Mini Importation – Best Business To Start With Little Money

You are looking to start a business and keep your day job. You intend to do that in a way that you don’t have to quit your day job. Instead, you will have another business by the side that keeps giving you more income.

Mini importation is that business. Although China, (which is one of the major countries to import from) is still battling the Corona Virus scourge, you may decide to look at other options, such as Vietnam, Dubai (UAE), and the US.

Computer Trainer

Are you proficient in the use of computers? You can make huge amounts of money from that skill alone.

Currently, there are thousands of people out there who are not proficient with the use of computers. You can seize this opportunity to guide them on how to make use of computers and make money from doing so.

Massage Therapist

Opening a spa is the real deal here. You can also incorporate other services, such as organic body cleansing to offer your clients and customers the best massage and spa experience.

Laundry Services

Hundreds of people are more active in offices than in their homes. With many people leaving their homes at dawn and coming back late into the night, they may not have time to do laundry.

You can take the cue to start a laundry business that brings in money to you. The most important part of the business is that you have the option of starting it from home at the onset or you can decide to go full-time by getting the relevant licenses.

Above all, considering the many beneifts, you can consider opening a laundry service to be one of the many business ideas you can start for cheap or free.

Become An Uber Driver

Every month, hundreds of new cars and drivers are added to the Uber taxi-hailing service. If you have some money saved for the rainy day, you can use it to get a vehicle that meets Uber’s standards.

With hard work and strokes of luck, you may be able to make your first $1,000 by working as an Uber driver. This too can be achieved in as little as 3 months’ time or less.

Mobile App Developer

Hundreds of new mobile applications are launched every day in different categories. A visit to the Google Play Store of the Apple Store will prove this assertion to be true.

What does that tell you?

The overall clue is that:

  • More businesses are increasing their reach via mobile apps
  • Mobile apps are in higher demands because of the convenience of use

Therefore, you can learn how to develop mobile applications and use that skill to start a business with no capital.

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You Can Become A Domain Name Buyer for Cheap or Free

Similar to #2 (Website Flipping), you can choose to become a domain name buyer too. Here, you are looking at the process of buying domain names, keeping them under your domain name provider’s platform and bidding your time before selling them for profits.

Some of the important processes for buying a domain name include:

  • Buy domain names that are easy to remember
  • The domain names must be SEO-Optimized, i.e. they should be patterned for Search Engine recognition
  • Look for domain names that would possibly drop into someone’s mind, i.e. domain names that are profitable

Business Ideas You Can Start and Keep Your Day Job

If you are hard-up and don’t have enough money to start a business, it is advised that you look for business ideas that you can start for cheap or free.

If you are also looking to keeping your regular 9-5 business, the ideas below will help you start a side hustle without money:

Become A Virtual Assistant for Cheap or Free

The work of a Virtual Assistant (VA) is to help companies and individuals in maintaining their online presence. It is a remote or home-based kind of work that offers you the opportunity and flexibility to work from anywhere you choose.

What’s more? You can start it for cheap or free.


Freelancers are growing in their numbers. Constituting about 45% of the US workforce, it is evident that becoming a freelancer can help you enjoy many of the free online opportunities.

Depending on the kind of freelancing jobs you decide to settle for, you may spend a little amount of money or none at all.

Some of the potential freelancing areas you may consider venturing into are:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing concept and business idea you can start free. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to drive sales to your clients.

The workflow is simple:

  • You will first contact somebody that has something to sell
  • Come into an agreement with him or her that you will help increase his/her sales
  • Reach an understanding of the percentage you will be paid for each sale you initiate by your referrals and marketing approaches
  • Promote the products and services
  • Get paid anytime someone purchases them using your affiliate link


With many parents having little time to help their kids with external school works, you can be hired as a tutor to guide those children.

The rule of thumb is to specialize in the subject you have more experience in instead of becoming a “Jack of all subjects and master of none”.

Informational Product Creator

Even though you may not be making six figures now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have ideas. There are some things you know how to do but you haven’t taken them seriously in terms of using those skills to make money.

It is time to take a closer look at what you can do. Can you design a website? Can you develop mobile applications? Are you a freelance writer?

You can teach people any of those things you know, especially when it has to with how to make money online and even offline.

Currency Trading

With the many free online business opportunities, you cannot afford to claim that you don’t have a job. Currency trading is one of the biggest markets in the world. Apart from traditional paper money/fiat papers, you can also trade on the disruptive currencies – cryptocurrencies and alternative coins (altcoins).

Courier Services

With some people stuck at their workplaces into later nights, and many others not having enough time to run errands, you can start a courier service to help them.

By running errands for people, you will get paid and be gain satisfaction that you have been of help to people too.

Dog Walker – Best Business To Start with No Capital

This best business idea is for those that love pets. You can pitch yourself to pet owners on what they stand to gain by entrusting their pets (such as dogs) into your control.

You will get paid for walking around the pets and attending to any needs of the pets that may arise in the course of doing so.


The notion that you need to have a big house with many rooms because you can become a landlord is wrong.

In the spirit of starting small and growing big, you can furnish and lease your spare rooms for a fee. The fascinating thing about doing that is that you will be able to collect twice the amount you could have raised by renting it out.

Tour Guide

Do you live in a location where many people flock in at different times in the year? Maybe you have some tourist sites or fun-seeking places around too.

You can take up the self-employed job of being a tour guide. As part of your duties, you will be taking the routes around the facility, seeing to their meals at local restaurants, getting them a ride to and from the hotels, and of course, getting paid for doing all that.

Start Your Business for Cheap or Free

The lack of funds is not enough to kill your dreams of starting a business. You can r in your pockets. You can also start a business without any money. It is all about you looking for potential business ideas you can start for cheap or free.

We hope you got valuable insights now on the best business ideas to make money and which can be started with minimal costs too?

Do share your thoughts and concerns via the comment section and help your friends gain clarity by sharing the article using any of the share buttons below.

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