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18 Online Businesses That Cannot Be Attacked By Corona Virus

Here are the 18 businesses that will not be affected by the Corona Virus.
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You have heard about Corona Virus? The deadly virus that has held people by their necks; and is threatening to exterminate as many people as possible.

It is a respecter of no person. The virus attacks both the big and small; both the rich and poor, and both the stronger and weak.

So, you can see that there is trouble and financial challenges are mounting. From Dow Jones to many other stocks around the world, Corona Virus is hitting hard and crashing many economies.

That leaves you wondering about the possibility of making money in the midst of these squabbles. That notwithstanding, we have discovered many online businesses that you can start and make passive income.

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These online businesses we are about to reveal to you do not demand physical contact, which is one of the ways of contracting Corona Virus. Everything is online. More so, you can specialize in as many online businesses as you can handle.

That said, here are the 20 online businesses that cannot be attacked or affected by the outbreak of the Corona Virus. Not now, and not in the future.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

The fist on the list is Affiliate Marketing. It is an online business that allows you to generate income for helping other people to sell their products and services.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be paid some commissions for every successful sale recorded anytime you invite or direct people to buy products from someone else.

Key Facts About Affiliate Marketing

  • You can do it online by creating a sales page to describe the product/service and how to get it (the payment page)
  • You can make as high as 10% commission per sale
  • You don’t have to develop or manufacture products; you only help other people sell theirs and get paid for doing so
  • The Money Is In The Niche:

There are some affiliate products that pay higher than the others do. That is why you need to focus on the category/niche that pays higher commissions.

For instance, the Home and Garden category is one of the high commission niches on the leading e-commerce platform, Amazon.

Social Media Manager

With the increase of workload, business owners may not be able to cope with handling their social media profiles. That is where you come in to handle it for them and get paid for doing so.

If you are glued to social media trends and you understand how the marketing system works there, you can use the knowledge you have to start your own social media marketing business for companies and individuals that may need them.

Your Target Audience

  • Small businesses/startups
  • Established brands
  • Celebrities and influencers

Your Duties As A Social Media Manager

  • Curating content
  • Helping your clients run paid adverts

Become An Expert Blogger

Blogging is one business idea that never goes out of style. Although it may not be profitable in the early days, with consistency and strategic content, you will be able to break even.

What’s more? It is completely virtual – online. So, you don’t have a chance to be physically exposed to the Corona Virus. Blogging is also regulated by how you work so if you stop working, it stops. Therefore, it cannot be affected by the Corona Virus but by you if you don’t take it seriously.

Web Development

There are over 4 billion Internet users in the world and 6 out of every 10 businesses have a website.

What does that tell you? You can make a good income if you become a web developer!

Must Haves:

Before you delve into web development, there are certain skills that you must have. They are:

  • Customization of User Interfaces (UIs)
  • Mastery of basic coding skills in computer programming, such as CSS, HTML, Python, JavaScript, and Java

Freelance Writing

Do you love writing? Do you fancy playing around with words? You can become a freelance writer and start making money.

As a freelance writer, you get to control your work schedule, determine how much you earn, and have more time to attend to other things.

PS: I have a Freelance Writing Masterclass coming up from March 25, 2020, to March 31, 2020.

You can get in touch with me on +2349024650004 to be a part of the class.

Build An Ecommerce Store

You can see how Amazon.com has grown over the years to now become one of the leading e-commerce retail platforms.

If you are adept at selling online, you can consider using a platform like Shopify to set up your e-commerce store and start selling goods and services online.

Set Up An Online Job Board

Are you one of those people that are looking to start online business ideas from home? You can consider setting up an online job board.

The platform is designed to connect job seekers to employers that need their services.

Of course, you can make your money by charging both parties small fees. On the part of the employers, you charge them a specific fee to publish their job openings. On the part of the job seekers, you can charge them some fees to connect them to the employers that need their services.

Mobile App Development

There are thousands of mobile applications used every day all over the world and the numbers will increase to millions in the future.

Mobile apps make navigation simpler because people tend to locate what they want faster on an app than on a website.

With a huge market like this, you can become a mobile app developer and start developing apps for businesses, musicians, and many other categories of people.

There are mobile apps for everything. From shopping to chatting and personal development, there is always an app for whatever you need. Remember that the likes of Instagram and Snapchat were designed to meet the needs of particular people and are now worth billions of dollars.

What You Need To Do Before You Develop A Mobile App

  • Do Some Market Research

Because many mobile apps are in circulation; you now want to be sure that nobody has developed one for the niche you have in mind.

Even if there are apps for that particular niche, you can always evaluate the competition to see how you can bring in new features to remain relevant.

  • Check the Feasibility of the App

You need to be sure that the mobile app you intend to develop can solve problems and not just be a waste of data for the people that downloaded it.

  • Revenue Model

Of course, the mobile app ought to make money too. So, look at the potential income it will generate over a certain period of time.

Build An Online Marketplace

The idea is to set up a classified – an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can converge to transact.

You may want to add some premium services to it so you can generate income too!


If you are not looking at becoming a freelance writer to write for yourself and your blog, you can consider becoming a ghostwriter.

The concept of ghostwriting simply means that you will write articles or create content for someone and at the end of the job (when you are paid) you seize to have a right over the job. Instead, the client or the person whom you did the job for becomes the owner.


With an eye for details and mastery of grammar, you can become a proofreader. Your job will be to go through the contents written by other people and to make corrections when need be.

The job is online-based and you don’t have to worry about getting infected with the Corona Virus scourge.

Become An SEO Specialist

An SEO Specialist/Expert is someone that is adept/good at researching and compiling relevant keywords and data that would be used to create content.

When the data is put to good use, it will help the business to rank higher in Search Engines and show up on the first front pages when the keywords are searched for.

Investing in Lucrative Businesses

You can also make money from online businesses by investing in some lucrative ventures. Investing in FOREX trades and buying shares of a company online are some of the ways to start.

Create and Sell Online Courses

With the continuous shutting down of schools to prevent the escalation of the dreaded Corona Virus, it is the perfect timing for starting creating and selling online courses.

If you are not good at crafting words, you can contact a professional content creator to help you write the courses.

Become A Video Specialist/Editor

Because of the increase in video content and considering that video or visual adverts convert more than texts, you can become a video editor and make money from the skill.

As a professional video editor/specialist, you can pitch your skills to business owners and marketers that are looking for a professional to edit their videos.

Start A Dropshipping Business

If you don’t have the funds to start an e-commerce store, you can consider starting the low-cost variant – dropshipping.

Dropshipping combines the elements of Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce. So, you can leverage it to the highest level and sell other people’s products like yours and make some decent profit from doing so.

Set Up A Reviews Website

People want to be sure that the service or product they intend to use is good. By setting up a reviews website, you can highlight the pros and cons of those products and services to help the potential buyers make an informed decision.

The market for reviews website is large with one of the reputable platforms, TripAdvisor currently worth over $12 billion.

Start A Podcast

A podcast is a short documentary about a particular topic. Just like the Corona Virus scourge, you can start and build a podcast around it to help people understand what needs to be done to be free from contracting the virus.

From the moneymaking angle, you can help companies selling alcohol-based hand sanitizers and face masks to advertise their products on the podcast and make money from it.

Create A YouTube Channel

The YouTube Partner program still pays! You can become one of the partners and make money online.

Currently, thousands of people around the world engage in vlogging to talk about their skills, pains, wins, reviews, the food they eat, travels, passion, and many other things. You too can do that and start making thousands of dollars monthly.

What Do You Need To Start?

  • Get up to 4k video views to get registered into the program
  • Invest in a good camera for video quality
  • Get a good microphone
  • Drive traffic/people to watch your videos

Ideally, the compensation plan is about $8-$10 per 1,000 views.

Domain Name Flipping

Just like website flipping, flipping a domain simply means that you will transfer the ownership of a domain name you own to another person and get paid for it.

You have to be creative when coming up with domain names so you can be able to attract buyers. Also, be patient because it can take many years before the value of the domain name will increase so you can make a decent profit.

Corona Virus Cannot Attack Your Online Business

In every challenge, there is always a business opportunity. From the selling of facemasks to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, Corona Virus has produced many millionaires.

So, if you are looking to reduce your physical contact with people and you don’t want to get infected with the virus in the course of doing so, the best thing to do is to look for unique online business ideas to start.

Which of the online business ideas on the list do you think you can start in the time of Corona Virus and generate money💰 and passive income from it? Do drop your comments so I can help you with valuable tips on how to start and scale it to a full-blown business that generates thousands of dollars every month – with or without Corona Virus!

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