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Work Ethics

Here are the major reasons why the corporate 9 to 5 jobs is hated by many people.

5 Reasons Why People Hate 9 to 5 Jobs

Reading Time: 8 minutes People apply for a job for many reasons. Some do that to have a place they can go to every morning and come back in the evening instead of sitting around in the home. Other people take up paid employment because they are looking for a way to augment their income. Yet, a good number […]

Here are the best property management tips you need!

10 Property Management Tips for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Real estate is now considered as one of the latest oil block because it tends to appreciate over time. Also, it is one thing to be a property manager and it is another thing to have a clue about the best property management tips. They both work hand-in-hand because any property manager that understands the […]

How a female employee battled stereotype at her workplace

How a Female Employee Battled Stereotypes at Her Workplace

Reading Time: 4 minutes How a female employee battled stereotypes at her workplace is aimed at helping you “find your voice” even in the midst of irrationalism. Stereotypes exist everywhere. From our homes to our workplaces, there are always traits of favouritism for one party over the other. The society has become fragmented with many people now understanding the […]