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How a Female Employee Battled Stereotypes at Her Workplace

How a female employee battled stereotype at her workplace
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How a female employee battled stereotypes at her workplace is aimed at helping you “find your voice” even in the midst of irrationalism.

Stereotypes exist everywhere. From our homes to our workplaces, there are always traits of favouritism for one party over the other. The society has become fragmented with many people now understanding the preference of a particular gender over the other.

Females are mostly at the receiving end because of their supposed inferiority to men – a trend that has triggered the drive for feminism.

Be that as it may, the workplace is one of the places where stereotypes are on the increase. As a female employee, it can be challenging to “lend a voice” or “be heard” in a work environment crowded with more men than women.

If you find yourself in such a situation where you are treated as a second class citizen, it may be time for you to learn how a female employee can conquer stereotypes at her workplace. Are you ready to take charge of your work-life and refuse to be intimidated at your place of work? The guide below will help you achieve all-around success.

1.     Love Your Womanhood

Nobody deserves to be looked down upon. Some women have been disregarded and treated like nothing in their places of work. You can be the difference by loving your womanhood. You see, when nobody can get to your self-esteem, it will be difficult to break you.

Therefore, build a thick wall around yourself and continue to appreciate yourself for who you are and what you still intend to be. Before long, it will be evident how a female employee battled stereotypes at her workplace – in this case, being you.

It is important to point out that while you love your womanhood and trying hard to protect your self-esteem, you may be hurting some people in the process. That informs the reason why you should find a way to make your points known without disregarding the perspectives of others.

Learn to know your limits and when you are to find a balance between when you need your voice to be heard and when you are overstepping your boundaries to drown the voice of others.

2.     Become Collaborative

Do you know that many men envy women and for good reasons too? Naturally, women are collaborative and can work with anybody that cares to get things done. That alsso makes one of the powerful tools you can use to master how a female employee battled stereotypes at her workplace .

Therefore, stop holding yourself back and subscribing to the notion that nobody cares about your opinions at your workplace. Instead, strive to build consensus with your colleagues (male and female) and learn to see things from different perspectives before acting.

3.     Calling Out Bias Straight Away Helps to Crush Stereotypes

Did you notice a male colleague making unnecessary eye contact with you? Maybe you’ve been receiving incessant sexual advances simply because you are a woman. It is not advisable to keep quiet in such situations. Some actions require immediate tackling.

When you notice bias either personal or otherwise, it is important that you point it out right away. Calling out and addressing stereotypes immediately is crucial because leaving such unchallenged can add more weight to the merry-go-round of unwarranted biases and stereotypes at your place of work.

While you are calling out biases and stereotypes, it is also pertinent that you understand the situation before acting. Do not be led by your emotions alone. Sometimes, you can call out bias and at other times, you are to let it pass with a witty remark.

Always learn to choose your battles wisely because all battles are not to be fought and even the best Generals tend to lose a war.

4.     Conquer Stereotypes by Being Assertive

Are you the kind of female employee that can be “bossed” around? While it may not be bad to take orders from your superiors, you must also learn to draw a thin line between respect and cowardice.

If you are afraid of the consequences of rejecting a task than getting reproached for doing the same, the chances are high that you will remain manipulated in your place of work.

Assertive women are the type that people love to associate with because they have a mind of their own. You tend to gain people’s confidence when you can speak your mind without fear or favour. So, learn to be assertive because that is one of the ways to crush stereotypes at your workplace.

5.     Be Proud of Your Strengths

The last but not the least is to identify and use your strengths accordingly. There are some features you have that can be the game-changer when you exert them in the midst of stereotypes and biases.

Leadership-wise, you can use your leadership skills to work in harmony with men and women. Also, do not deviate or pay heed to public opinion, which wants you to act like a man. Instead, leverage your strengths to be better at what you do instead of trying to be like a man – which are not!

Stereotypes Can Be Conquered

Although stereotypes exist in many places and are usually the products of man’s mechanizations, you can always beat it and remain tops. As a woman battling stereotypes and biases at your workplace, it will be easier for you to remain relevant when you start practicing and applying the strategies outlined above.

Have you been a victim of stereotypes at your workplace? How did you battle it and what was the outcome when you did so?

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