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Refund Policy

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It is traditional among companies that offer services not to offer refunds. At Business Insights Blog (BIB), you may be treated to the reverse as you may get refunds for payments made for services rendered.

That will be, of course, after thorough evaluation and confirmation that you satisfied the Money Back Guarantee stipulations and that the hiccups were from our end.

Of course, there is a caveat to the Refund Policy offered at the Business Insights Blog. First, clients requesting refunds must have worked with us or made use of the service for a month. After necessary certifications that the outcome didn’t tally with the information contained in the service package, the clients can unsubscribe and ask for a refund.

As much as you may want the process to be instant, you may have to wait for some days while your concern is checked. At the end of the ratification process, and the cause of the problem was from our end, we will take steps to correct it. However, if that fails, we will immediately process your refund with an apology for wasting your time.

To get your refunds, send the details of the service or product or service you bought, your dissatisfaction or reason for requesting a refund, and your proof of payment to payment@businessinsightsblog.com