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3 Good Reasons Why Spending Money Makes People Happy

Many people get happy when they spend money. Discover the reasons why.
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I didn’t have it rosy growing up. I wasn’t the “Rich Kid” that can own a Power Bike at the age of ten. Neither was I the type of kid that enjoyed the bliss that comes with travelling to another State in my country. So, the thought of even crossing the borders or flying on an aeroplane to another country wasn’t there.

I couldn’t afford those amazing opportunities because I was broke. There was no help coming from anywhere to make those dreams become reality.

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So, when I had my first work experience as a conductor in a sachet water making company and started making my own money, I began to feel some excitement welling up in me.

For the first time in my place, I could own a thousand Naira and then twenty and up to a hundred thousand.

But, do you know the amazing thing there? I didn’t have that money in bulk. I spend them as they came in because I hadn’t learned financial discipline. But, amid the frugality, one thing I cannot overlook is the happiness that comes with spending your own money.

Do People Get Happy When They Spend Their Money?

Is it true that people get excited when they spend their money? Yes, they do!

I have already explained the excitement I felt spending my own money. The fact is that I wasn’t in the least concerned with how much I couldn’t save.

My major concern was only about being able to be called an “adult” and being able to foot my bills at a tender age.

So, there is a correlation between happiness and spending your money.

Is This Usually the Case?

Understandably, the primary aim of making money is to be rich. But, you will be denying yourself some worthwhile experiences by doing so.

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We always want to make money too so that we can enjoy the best that life has to offer. It is our desire to fly First Class.

There is the desire to go on fancy holidays thrice a year. Having a bottle of red wine on the dinner table is your definition of “Balanced Diet.”

All those are valid reasons. Now, I will show you the three (3) major but surprising reasons why people will be spending their money and still be happy about it.

1.      Consumption Changes Life Satisfaction

The first point is that the changes experienced in the consumption of goods and services can make many positive impacts on the life satisfaction of people.

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In this case, people who spend more and consume more tend to be happier. They set it as being wealthy and being able to afford anything they wanted.

There may not be a more blissful experience than making your own money and using the same to give yourself a good treat.

To that end, changes in income do not entirely mean that someone is happy. You can earn a higher income but when it doesn’t give you the life experience and satisfaction you want, you wouldn’t be happy.

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2.      Buying Experiences Increase Happiness

There is now a shift in the traditional way of getting happy when you have money in your hands.

Contrary to the traditional format of buying material items, people now get happier when they can buy experiences.

What I mean here is that people will be happier when they go on vacation (buying an experience) as opposed to buying a car or house (buying material items).

The reason is that the material items can always be there for grabs. But, the experiences may be limited. So, it is wise to go for the limited option first as opposed to going for the one that “will always be there.”

3.      Specific Purchases Make People Happy

In as much as you want to save and invest more money; you have to spend it too. Now, you have a range of options to select from.

On the one hand, there is the option of spending your money on fancy things, such as cars. On the other hand, you want to spend your money on non-conspicuous forms of consumption.

Generally, the submission is that specific purchases (especially the ones that have to with boosting the ego) can make people happy. That is why many people would rather buy houses and cars to boost their ego, and in extension, their happiness.

Spending Money Makes People Happy

Happiness lies in many places. Many people are yet to discover that one of the major sources of happiness is by spending money.

I know it may sound absurd but I have taken time to dissect the three (3) main reasons why spending money makes people happy.

I hope you now have a different perspective on how spending your money can buy your happiness.

Have you spent your money to buy happiness? Do you think money can buy happiness? Let me know in the comment section!

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